Welcome to HardNoX Racing

HardNoX Racing is a local Calgary, Alberta motorcycle roadracing team made of friends who enjoy racing together. Claude Bergeron, Rob Darlington, Colin Foster and Curtis Lindenbach all raced together in 2007. They had so much fun and success that they wanted to organize a team to better themselves in 2008. So HardNoX Racing was born.

Our goal in 2013 is to continue to have fun racing. The thrill of competition and the camaraderie of friends is the driving force behind HardNoX Racing. We wish to compete in Alberta in the Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association in Edmonton at Stratotech Park. We will also be fielding riders in the off road racing circles with the Second Gear Club in southern Alberta.

In 2013 we are preparing to take the next step in our evolution as racers. Last year team members won races and championships. This year we will be striving to get to the next step on the podium!

Motorsports is the fastest growing spectator sport in North America. It has also been said that motorsports is the original extreme sport. Motorcycle racing takes that to the next level! Our team is well positioned to offer a unique opportunity to market businesses in the Alberta marketplace. If you have an interest in using HardNoX Racing in marketing your business we encourage you to contact us. If not, then we would still like to see you out at the races, and Come race with us!

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Aug 17-18,2013 EMRA Round 5 Stratotech Park Ft Saskatchewan, AB

Sept 13-15, 2013 EMRA Round 6&7 Stratotech Park Ft Saskatchewan, AB